Our Product is the Most Tested Composite Wrap on the market today. Please do not hesitate to request a copy of the 25 different tests that have been performed on the product for use on high pressure piping and concrete structures.

The PowerWrap System is very strong with a Fiberglass Wrap tensile strength of 65,000 psi and a Carbon C-14 Wrap tensile strength of 123,000 psi. Our tested Interlaminar Shear was measured at 3,372 psi and an Adhesion Test on Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum exceeded 1,000 psi pull off strength.

PowerWrap’s technology has been researched and tested internally by Air Logistics Corporation Engineers, PowerWrap, LP staff and augmented by credible and respected laboratories and test facilities recognized within the oil & gas industry. These laboratories and test facilities have played an instrumental role in the evaluation, verification and enhancement of products. A list of laboratories and test facilities that have been used and potentially utilized are as follows:

  • Stress Engineering Services in Houston, Texas
  • University of Wyoming Composites Research Lab
  • Houston Metallurgical Laboratory in Houston, Texas
  • University of California Pacific Earthquake Research Center, San Diego
  • ATK Composites, Alliant Techsystems in San Diego, CA

Please click on one of the PDF’s below to learn more:

John F. Kiefner Report of Aquawrap
Stress Engineering Services Dent/Gouge Testing Analysis
Analysis of Aquawrap for Use on Damaged Pipelines
Analysis of Aquawrap for Dent Repair