Our Products

aquawrapAquawrap® comes in “tear open” packaging ready to be applied to your pipeline. More customizable prepared kits or products are available with desired performance characteristics or properties. We will help you choose the right product to suit your needs. Our Aquawrap® water activated prepreg wrap is the most common product used. Aquawrap ® Composites can be installed easily on straight pipe, elbows, tees, offshore risers, underwater, flange reducers, and used on saddle repairs for crevice corrosion and dent gouges. It can be installed on all specified pipelines including API-SL, ASTM and AWWA.

powersleeveWe also provide a field-pregged wrap called Powersleeve® where resins are added to the fabric in the field, which can be used for temperature extremes, cure time, special strengths or special chemical resistance properties. PowerSleeve® is an engineered Kit product. Everything needed to field-manufacture high performance FRP is “in the box”. Many resins & fiber types.

Industrial & Underwater Epoxy Polymer Coatings

We provide a line of polymer coatings and adhesives. These polymer solutions are high performance, solvent-free, environmentally friendly, non-hazardous materials and are specially formulated for demanding marine, heavy industrial and underwater applications. Custom formulations are available upon request.


ANTICORROSIVE COATING: For structural steel and galvanized surfaces in atmospheric service. TOWER-GARD 568 is uniquely tolerant of compromised surfaces. TOWER-GARD 568 can be applied over all generic types of tightly adherent existing coatings as well as bare steel and galvanizing.


  • “7-Minute” Repairs Above or Below Water BIO-DUR 911 “7-minute” cure industrial epoxy.
  • “20-Minute” Repairs Above or Below Water BIO-DUR 913 “20-minute” cure industrial epoxy

Example Case Histories Available: Stops Active Leak In 36″ Hot Water Line In Manufacturing Plant

  • “40-Minute” Repairs Above or Below Water BIO-DUR 563 “40-minute” cure industrial epoxy.
  • “4-Hour” Repairs Above or Below Water BIO-DUR 561 Same as BIO-DUR 560 but thicker and pastier for heavy applications by straight-edged spreader, mostly underwater but has use in chemical plants when wide resistance to a variety of chemicals is needed.

Example Case Histories Available:

  • Underwater Recoat of Concrete Pilings at Oil-Fired Power Station
  • Protection of Minesweeper Hulls Against Wood Boring Worms
  • Sealing Leaks at Australian National Aquarium
  • Salt Water Protective Coating for 24″ Steel Fuel Oil Pipeline
  • Recoat Erosion Damage in Concrete On Underwater Penstock Gates in Concrete Dam
  • Nuclear Submarine Underwater Hull Fairing Prior to its Next Voyage

BIO-DUR 560SW & 561SW This pair is the equivalent of their non-SW cousins above. They are designed for sea and freshwater applications and are a bit more flexible and easier to apply, esp.on steel which is cathodically protected. They do not have the outstanding chemical resistance of the non-SW variants.

Heavy Duty Above/Underwater Coating / Anti-Radiation Coating

BIO-DUR 560 Easily brushed/plural component sprayed, epoxy esp. for underwater use. Approved Service Level 1 DBA testing for nuclear use.

Example Case Histories Available:

  • Recoat of 36″ Gas Transmission Pipe with Cathodic Disbondment
  • Recoat of Fuel Storage Tank Against Radiological Contamination at Nuclear Cleanup Site
  • Recoat of Riverboat Casino Hull
  • Underwater Recoat of Theme Park’s Concrete Canal to Prevent Leaking
  • Encapsulation of Radioactive Isotopes for Safe Removal from Nuclear Plant’s Spent Storage Pool

Industrial & Building Floor Coating

BIO-FLOR 182 Our standard seamless floor coating which has a long, excellent track record with the USPS. BIO-FLOR 182 has been installed in over a million square feet of all types of flooring including concrete loading docks, plywood decking, asphalt planking, VCT and VAT encapsulation.

Example Case Histories Available:

  • Lumber Plant Anti-Toxic Chemical Floor
  • Elementary School Cafeteria Rehabilitated/Protected From Termite Infestation
  • Beer Resistant Brewery Filtering Room Floor
  • Anti-Slip Coating for Museum Stairway
  • Hospital Encapsulation of Vinyl Asbestos Tile Flooring

High Gloss 100% Solids Epoxy Heavy Duty Protection

BIO-GARD 251 100% solid, non-kevlar reinforced, easy to brush/roll/spray epoxy. Used primarily for waste water applications over a first coat of BIO-GARD 258.

Example Case Histories Available:

  • Protection of London Eye Steel Ferris Wheel Near River

Heavy-Duty Moisture-Tolerant Anticorrosive Coating

BIO-GARD 257 General purpose, easily applied, flexibilized epoxy for maintenance. “UK” version is formulated for cold, wet conditions. Regular version works well as a very surface tolerant coating for general use.

Example Case Histories Available:

  • Protects Concrete Dam Surfaces Against Frost and Leakage

Heavy-Duty Chemical Resistant Epoxy

BIO-GARD 258 A thinner version of BIO-DUR 560SW. Easily applied, hard, tough all around heavy duty coating.